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Thinking of your eye health is important, so unfortunately many people tend to overlook the overall importance of their eyes. It is generally recommended that people of all ages have their eyes and their vision exam and at least once a year. This advice applies to people regardless of what their eye health happens to be like, especially since anyone can develop an eye disease or vision problems. Aside from seeing eye doctor regularly, it is important that you take care of your eyes on a daily basis as well, and sometimes they can mean doing something as simple as wearing sunglasses. By wearing UV protected sunglasses you can help your eyes from sustaining any sort of Sunday majority years, and here at General Vision Express/Lens Lab our Brooklyn eye doctor can help provide you with any prescription sunglasses that you may need.

On a daily basis there are many different things that can affect your eyes and your overall eye health. In general, whenever it is sunny inside people tend to wear sunglasses or some other form of protection such as hats or visors in order to keep the glare away and to keep their vision free of impairment. While it is important to make sure that you can see clearly, especially if you are getting around or are operating a vehicle, it is just as important that you protect your eyes from the sun because of the damage that can do over time. Most people are aware of just how dangerous the sun’s harmful UV rays can be to your skin, but not many people are aware of just how much the sun can do the same sort of damage to your eyes. Prolonged exposure can put you at a greater risk for developing our diseases in the future, it can cause dullness and discoloration, end it can even create side effects similar to a sunburn but on your eyes. This can get a great deal of harm to your overall eye health, which is why it is actually important that you wear UV protective sunglasses whenever the sun is out. Even though most people wear sunscreen during the summer, the sun is always strong even if it may not feel as warm. Whenever the sun is out, it is important that you wear UV protected sunglasses in order to make sure that your eyes are free of glare and that they are as healthy as can be. Here at General Vision Express/Lens Lab our Brooklyn I doctor can provide you with any routine exams you need as well as any prescriptions that you might require in order to get UV protected prescription sunglasses.

Sunglasses aren’t just a cool fashion accessory, they can actually help prevent overall eye damage and they can protect your eye health. If you happen to be in need of any eye care or prescription UV sunglasses, and then our Brooklyn eye doctor here at General Vision Express/Lens Lab can help.

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