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Cataracts in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn NY optometrist

Brooklyn NY optometrist

Cataracts are marked by cloudy or blurry vision, caused by a buildup of protein on the outside of your eyes’ lenses. As new cells form, the older cells are pushed into the center of the lens. The result is compromised vision. Here at General Vision Express/Lens Lab Brooklyn NY optometrist, we will diagnose cataracts and offer you corrective lenses so that you can enjoy improved vision with minimal hindrance from this eye disease.

While cataracts are often associated with aging, and it is true that more half of cases occur in people who are aged 65 or older, they can occur at any age, and may even be present at birth do to genetics. Cataracts can also be linked to diabetes or exposure to radiation. Certain drugs, including corticosteroids and diuretics are also associated with the formation of cataracts. Ultraviolet light, air pollution, and toxic substances also can put you at greater risk. There is also an association with personal habits such as smoking or heavy drinking. During its early stages, there are typically not evident signs of cataracts. This is true of most eye diseases. And it’s a big reason why you should come in for an eye exam done by our Brooklyn NY optometrist once per year. As the disease progresses, light starts to be blocked out. It may seem as if you have a film over your eyes. You may develop problems driving at night, have difficulties perceiving colors, and find that you have a sudden change in your eyeglass or contact lens prescription requirements. Diagnosis is accomplished through a slit lamp exam and other testing as determined by our Brooklyn NY optometrist.

It is best to get out ahead of cataracts with early detection. But either way, our Brooklyn NY optometrist can counteract the effects of this eye disease with a prescription for corrective lenses. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

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