Diabetic Eye Testing in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Diabetic Retinopathy Doctor

Diabetic eye testing in Brooklyn

Diabetic eye testing in Brooklyn

There are many things that you have to be aware of when you have diabetes, and this includes being more watchful of the wellbeing of your eyes. At General Vision Express/Lens Lab, we’re dedicated to helping you see the very best you can, as well as to keeping your eyes strong and healthy. Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease that can occur when you have type one or type two diabetes. Fortunately, with early detection from our diabetic eye testing Brooklyn, it can be treated effectively.

High blood sugar can lead to the blood vessels in your retinas becoming damaged. If it is not diagnosed and addressed in a timely manner, it can eventually block the blood flow to your eyes, which can result in a loss of vision, or even complete blindness. But you can’t and shouldn’t wait for symptoms to arise in order to be examined. The early stages of diabetic retinopathy, as with most eye diseases, has no obvious symptoms associated with it. What this means is that it may form and progress without you being aware of it at all. Typically, by the time symptoms appear, it’s an indication that the disease has reached an advanced stage and may have already caused eye damage or vision loss. This is why you should schedule a yearly appointment with us for our diabetic eye testing in Brooklyn. Symptoms that are linked to diabetic retinopathy include blurry vision, loss of vision, problems in perceiving colors, and seeing spots in your field of vision (floaters). If you experience any of the above, call us right away to schedule an exam.

Among the treatments for diabetic retinopathy are just monitoring your blood sugar, in mild cases, to laser treatments, which are very effective in the repair of damaged blood vessels. Our eye doctor will work closely with you to find the best option for your current situation and based on your unique circumstances. Be sure to follow your primary doctor’s advice when it comes to medications, diet, exercise, and other ways of managing your blood sugar efficiently. Along with our diabetic eye testing in Brooklyn once per year, it’s a sound strategy for long-term eye care.

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