Eyeglass Store East Williamsburg

Eyeglass StoreĀ East Williamsburg

Do you worry that your eyeglasses are too fragile? Do you often participate in sporting events or outdoor activities, and fear that your glasses will be ruined by the end of the day? What if you did not have to worry about that anymore? Thanks to the outstanding selection of eye care products at our East Williamsburg eyeglass store, General Vision Express/Lens Lab, there is no need to worry! We now have state-of-the-art polycarbonate lenses available for many of the eyeglass frames at our store. Polycarbonate lenses are thicker and lighter than traditional lenses of the past, and amazingly more durable at the same time.

Protective Eyewear East Williamsburg

Protective Eyewear East Williamsburg

At our East Williamsburg eyeglass store, we take into account your lifestyle and the things that you most enjoy doing when we recommend a type of lens for your eyeglasses. We have found that polycarbonate lenses are a great match for athletic, busy people, people who work in an environment where their glasses may fall off or break, and also for younger children who tend to drop their glasses and may have had their lenses get scratched in the past. Polycarbonate lenses are also great for people who spend a lot of their time outdoors because they ultra violet resistant along with being impact resistant. Polycarbonate lenses are only some of the many specialty ultra thin and light lenses we have available at General Vision Express/Lens Lab, and if you feel you might benefit from another type, we can help you determine the lens that would work best for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. All you need to do is stop in or give us a call.

Would you like to learn more about polycarbonate lenses or any of the other many eye care products and services available to you at our East Williamsburg eyeglass store, we highly recommend that you head over to the General Vision Express/Lens Lab website. It is an excellent resource for all things eye care and eye health, along with descriptions of our products and services and how things work at our store. If you have a question or comment for us, please do not hesitate in contacting us by phone, online, or directly in store.

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