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Fendi is one of the wide variety of fashionable designer frame brands that we carry at General Vision Express/Lens Lab. And now, you can get Fendi eyeglass frames, buy one get one free, at our eyeglass store in Williamsburg. Certain restrictions do apply, so please feel free to inquire for more information. Now that we’ve let you know that part of it, let’s get back to what an exciting offer this truly is.

Williamsburg Designer Eyeglass Fashions

Williamsburg Designer Eyeglass Fashions

For those who already have a prescription, but need an exam to find out if it may need updating, or if you are not currently wearing eyeglasses, call us to make an appointment to receive a comprehensive eye exam from our optometrist. In addition to checking your vision to determine if you do need an eyeglass prescription, a yearly eye exam is very important because it gives our eyeglass store in Williamsburg an opportunity to screen you for common eye diseases, many of which do not produce any symptoms in their early stages. But the best and most fun part of your visit will be when you select your frames.

But even if you have an updated prescription, this could be a great time to pick out a new style for yourself. With the buy one, get one free promotion for Fendi frames at our eyeglass store in Williamsburg, you can pick out a new frame to replace- or to supplement- what you have now. And because we give you the second pair free, you will have a backup pair, a spare pair, in case of breakage or in case you lose one of them. Better still, have two pair that you can change off. Perhaps one for work and one for leisure; or one just for weekends or special occasions. The possibilities, much like our choices, are endless.

With an impressive selection of Fendi frames to match your tastes, your face shape, your color preferences, and your budget, our eyeglass store in Williamsburg is sure that you will be just as enthusiastic about this event as we are. This amazing offer won’t last forever. Stop in today or call us for more information.

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