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Is your son or daughter having difficulty seeing in school? Often times vision problems present themselves in early childhood, making it difficult for children to keep up in class without proper eyewear to help them see clearly, no matter where the seating chart places them. Finding optical correction young eyes can be as easy as a trip to the eye doctor for a comprehensive optical exam. However, finding eyewear that children love and parents can agree upon can be a far more complicated endeavor. Children’s eyewear needs to help your son or daughter not only see clearly, but at your local Greenpoint optical store we believe it should make them feel good about themselves too. You can find a wide selection of children’s eyewear that will please parents and kids of all ages alike at the General Vision Express/Lens Lab.

11206 Designer Eyewear

11206 Designer Eyewear

Finding eyewear that makes the whole family happy can be a difficult process for any parent, no matter who well you and your child get alone. Kids want to feel great about the eyewear they have to wear see clearly, while parents want to know that the spectacles their son or daughter must wear on a daily basis to achieve visual clarity can hold up to anything your kid’s active and joyous lives throw their way. Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds with the leading designers in children’s eyewear at your trusted Greenpoint optical store. The leading names in optical frames today have devised not only amazing styles for all ages, but also a revolutionary new material that is changing the way we think out be ophthalmic frames design today. Marchon is the name behind the state of the art Flexon eyewear lines, made of a material called Memory Metal, named such for its unique ability to move with great forces that would crush, crunch, and twist normal metal frames, and simply snapping back into their original shape. Marchon carries a wide selection of wonderful Memory Metal frames, but you can also find styles crafted by other household names, such as Oakley or RayBan to give your kids the look they want, and the durability you can count on. Our welcoming and knowledgeable optical team at your neighborhood Greenpoint optical store are more than just professional opticians, we are also fully licensed technicians in the use of the latest in state of the art optical technology and craftsmanship operating our very own in-office lens lab. This allows our staff at the General Vision Express/Lens Lab to offer you the designers your family loves at affordable prices. You can be sure to find the personal attention and professional care that will insure your children see clearly in a beautiful way with children’s eyewear from the General Vision Express/Lens Lab.

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