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Ridgewood Sunglasses

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Designer sunglasses in Ridgewood

The summer is little but a memory at this point, but there’s still plenty of great weather to come before the winter gets here. And even when it does arrive, you’ll still be able to put our designer sunglasses to use. Here at General Vision Express/Lens Lab, we have an impressive variety of options for you to select from. And you get them with or without a prescription for vision correction.

Sun glare doesn’t take a vacation. It’s around all year, and it can be especially strong when it reflects off of the snow and ice that will eventually make their appearance. Another concern that knows no season is ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are two types, the UVA and UVB. Our Ridgewood sunglasses filter out all of them; 100% of both types. Your eyes will be safe. Of course, as useful as that is, as well as keeping your eyes shielded from glare when you drive, play sports, or just walk around, we know that our Ridgewood sunglasses are often valued for their style. And why not? The brands we carry in our inventory are ones dedicated to fashion, such as Lacoste, Swarovski, Charriol, Prada, Timberland, and Cazal. And that’s just for starters. We have others. Let us match up your taste with the ideal pair, while also considering your skin tone and face shape. And we have choices that are suited to every budget. Our customers have preferences that range from simple and conservative, to ornate and eye catching. Or you may want something that splits the difference. Whatever you have in mind, we’re likely to have it. And if we don’t, we’ll make every effort to get it for you.

Stop in to our store to let us help you pick out your new pair of Ridgewood sunglasses. Should you want them with a prescription, bring in your current one or call us in advance to schedule an eye exam.

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