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Are you tired of squinting in the sunlight every time you leave your office? Do you live with an optical condition that requires correction on a constant basis in order for you to see clearly? Prescription sunglasses can seem like nothing more than an additional expense to many of us, but UV protection much more than a luxury for your comfort. UV exposure is one of the many risk factors for cataracts and glaucoma, as is the presence of a preexisting vision problem. Fortunately, you can get the protection your eyes need at an affordable price with photochromic lenses from your local Williamsburg optical goods store at the General Vision Express/Lens Lab.

Williamsburg Prescription Eyeglasses

Williamsburg Prescription Eyeglasses

For those of us who need optical protection from the sun as well as constant vision correct, photochromic lenses can be the answer to affordable optical health care. Instead of purchasing an additional pair of sunglasses, photochromic lenses allow patients to enjoy the best of both worlds with both regular ophthalmic eyeglasses and prescription shades in one sleek pair of eyeglasses. Rather than a type of lens material, photochromic is instead a coating that allows your lenses to remain clear when you are indoors or out of the light, and gradually develop levels of a darker tint with 100% protection from the sun’s harmful rays when introduced to UV rays. You are free to choose from tint color selections for a state of the art lens that perfectly matches your fashionable frames. Photochromic lenses are widely known from the company known as Transitions, but versions are also available from other companies at your professional Williamsburg optical goods store. As photochromic is a type of coating, photochromic lenses can be made from any material you need for your personal or optical needs, such as polycarbonate or Trivex for a durable lens that will protect the eyes from impact just as it keeps eyes safe from the sun, high-index lenses for those who suffer from high levels of a nearsighted illness such as astigmatism, and even multifocal or progressive lenses if necessary. With photochromic lenses you can enjoy complete protection from the sun no matter where you go with lenses that truly fit into your lifestyle and your budget.

For the best in photochromic lenses at great prices, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Williamsburg optical goods store. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the welcoming practice of the General Vision Express/Lens Lab craft our eyeglasses within our state of the art on-site lens laboratory to insure that your photochromic lenses are crafted perfectly for your unique needs, all while cutting prices by cutting out the middle man. With photochromic lenses from the General Vision Express/Lens Lab you can enjoy lenses that move with you to keep your eyes safe from harm.

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